Run Around at Clinton, IA

There can be no run around when two different boards are at the same terminal. For a run around to happen you must both be on the same board. RE80 And RE85 are separate boards. Furthermore there is no train that is designated for any specific board at Clinton, IA. The...

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Electronic Devices

Cell phone detection is a reality on our property. The Union Pacific is now installing inward facing cameras, along with cell phone detection. If the rail industry suffers another catastrophic event linked to cell phone usage, we may not be able to bring cell phones...

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Rules Exams

When taking the rules exam, if you fail any portion of the exam more than once, contact me. The carrier will want you sign a waiver that states you understand and accept failing for a third time will result in your dismissal. The UTU has such an agreement. The...

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Union Pacific Eastern One Seniority District Division 404

Local Chairman, Gregg Vogel


General Committee of Adjustment Union Pacific / Northern Region

General Chairman, Richard E. Crow


Monthly meetings are held the First Wednesday of the month @ 19:00

American Legion Hall

123 Main Street

West Chicago, IL 60185