September Meeting

Brothers and Sisters,

At our regularly scheduled Union meeting held on September 6th, 2017, we had a fantastic turnout; many visitors from the National Division including National President Dennis Pierce, officers from the Northern Region General Committee of Adjustments, Cornerstone Assurance, our Illinois State Legislative Board representative, a State Legislative Board member from Minnesota, a representative from Kujawski & Marcus, and many Local Chairman and Secretary/Treasurers from other Divisions from the Northern Region. We also had many members attend for a total of 49 people!!

National President Dennis Pierce gave us an update regarding the contract negotiations and gave us explanations of the negotiations processes and procedures. General Chairman Richard E. Crow also answered many questions that affect most of us on the Northern Region.

Here are some pictures of this meeting for you to look at. Hopefully you will find these interesting.

We’d like to see many more members attend the monthly meetings if your schedules permit. A lot of valuable information is discussed at these meetings and it is all beneficial to our jobs on the railroad. There are a lot of issues that are discussed at the meetings that we are not allowed to put on the website.

Remember: this is YOUR Union and YOUR meetings……so we need YOUR INVOLVEMENT!!!!


Thomas M. Zavadsky
Division 404