We are seeing increased occurrences of no ice and/or water available at on duty locations. To effectively process these claims we need some help on proper reporting and information.


When there is no water available at your on-duty location the claim wording is as follows:

“Claim one basic day account no drinking water available at on duty location of (circ-7).”

You should also follow this up with an email to the manager at that location and a report to your Local Chairman, citing how long it has been happening and who has been notified of the issue.


This claim is for not having ice available to keep your water cool on the locomotive, if you have a working mechanical refrigerator, that satisfies the intent of the agreement.

“Claim one basic day account no ice available at the on-duty location of (circ-7) to keep water cool on locomotive (loco #). Locomotive (not equipped with/has bad order) refrigerator and needed ice to cool water.”

This claim must be accompanied with either a defect form for the engine showing that the bad order refrigerator was reported (=ON), or the locomotive properties (=PO) page showing that the locomotive is not equipped with a mechanical refrigerator. We have seen many of these be denied due to this missing information. If the locomotive properties show it has a mechanical refrigerator, and it is defective, enter a defect report and submit it with this claim. Also email the manager at the on-duty location and notify your Local Chairman of the situation. This information is crucial to these claims being successful.