In an effort to keep claim submissions separate from all the other emails received, a separate email address has been created if you desire to send your clams electronically. Please send a PDF attachment of all essential documents for your claim to [email protected]. As a reminder, here is a list of important items needed to help ensure a successful claim.


It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to better ensure that your appeal of a denied claim is successful.

  1. On the day you make your claim make a copy of both the claim and the working time slip with your hours-of-service reporting. If other documentation is part of your claim (mishandled, earnings, etc.) print a snapshot of the board or boards involved at the time of the violation. Create a PDF file.
  2. Save any other paperwork that supports your claim including call sheets, lists or other instructions. Note the name of person(s) who have relevant knowledge to support claim. Create a PDF file.
  3. Provide a written statement (your claim) describing what took place. Remember, the burden of proof falls on the member submitting the claim. Be as detailed as possible. If appropriate, obtain written statements from others. Create a PDF file.
  4. Make a PDF of your ePayroll paystub with declination numbers for the claims you are submitting. (Information on these documents is not otherwise available to your local chairman.) This is where you are notified of your claim being denied.
  5. Try to adjust the claim through the Timekeeping Service Center by submitting a timekeeping heat ticket. Make sure to add me as a viewer so I can respond if needed. Create a PDF file.
  6. Assemble the PDF files and send to [email protected].

IMPORTANT: It is not required to send your claims electronically, you can still submit your claims by US mail or drop them into a 404-claim box. Your Local Chairman needs this documentation in a timely manner to process your claim. A claim that is submitted without the necessary support documentation/info is doomed to fail. THERE IS NO SHORTCUT. If the claim is important to you and you want to get paid, you must do your part of the process.

For more information on claim submission and the time limits involved, please go to Claims in the member’s section.