Brothers & Sisters,

It’s that time of year again, Vacation Bidding is now open and will close on December 5, 2023. Vacations will be awarded on December 6, 2023. A new system will be used to bid and award vacations, we will not be using CMTS to submit vacation bids for 2024. You will need to use the CrewPro Vacation application to submit your vacation bids. The CrewPro Vacation application can be found on your MyUP employees page, in the MENU, under CREWS. You will also find, CrewPro Vacation Bidding QRG, Walkthrough, Video, and FAQ’s, to help you fully understand how to use the new application.

A couple of items that are new this year are the selection of your Additional Day, and the ability to convert 2 Single Leave Vacation Days to Paid Sick Days. The selection of the Additional Day is straightforward, choose between your birthday, paid as a PL day, or paid as a LV day.

The LV to PS option allows you to convert up to 2 single LV days to paid sick days. You should be able to select this option and keep all your bid choices on 1 split and choose which of those weeks to convert. You may also elect to split your vacation weeks and select one week to be used as days and convert up to 2 days to PS.

Remember… Our method of awarding vacations works in a round-robin style vacation split awarding process. Each split (Week 1 – Week 5) is awarded top to bottom in seniority order. If you split your vacation weeks during the bidding process, you must understand how this can impact what you are awarded. You need to submit multiple choices for each week split unless you are choosing the earliest or latest in the year option.

Please call Geoff, Gregg, or Myself with any questions.


Kevin J. Schnell
Local Chairman
BLE&T Division 404
(630) 267-3680
[email protected]