The FRA has determined that Uber and all other forms of transportation called after your HOS has expired is considered a HOS violation. Employees are required, and it is important that they notify the Dispatcher or Yardmaster of how much time they have remaining. For example, “I am just letting you know I have 2 hours 34 minutes remaining on my HOS”. The Federal Regulations state: Train crews are required to notify Dispatcher/Yardmaster/Manager regarding their HOS of service with sufficient time to allow a crew to be called and re-crewed prior to their HOS expiring. If a violation occurs, report it as such upon tie-up. Also, the carrier is required to order a cab for the expired/expiring crew, not the only the re-crew.

It is our responsibility to report HOS and Safety violations. All violations should be reported to your Legislative Representative. A form has been added to Legislative Rep. News in the members section to assist with the information and documentation needed to report these violations. You can email violations to [email protected]. A link has been provided on the homepage.

Finally, GCOR 1.17 states crews are required to secure their train prior (if possible) to their HOS expiring. It is ALWAYS possible. Stop the train, secure your train, and perform a securement test. Do not give the FRA any reason to come after you for not complying with the Federal Regulations.