Recently there has been a push by UP management to use a Class I brake slip from an inbound train and use it on a new originating train, calling it a “solid block” or “continuing train”. If your train is a new originating train at a terminal, you can not use an air test slip from a “solid block” or “continuing train” , the entire train must receive a Class I test per UP ABTH rule 30.3.1 at the originating terminal. Trains can pick up a solid block of cars enroute and continue to destination but not at the originating terminal for that train. If you are called for an originating train and are given an air slip from another train, you should question the air slip and request that a proper Class I Brake Test per UP ABTH rule 30.3.1 be performed on the block of cars in question before you continue. If you are told to depart without receiving a proper test, do not refuse, request the name of the company official that is requiring you to depart without a Class I test as outlined in UP ABTH rule 30.3.1. This will protect you and place the responsibility on the carrier. Document the name, time & date, and anything else you feel is necessary and send it to your local chairman and legislative representative for further handling.